The Mission

Most venture capital firms [Banking & Finance] have a similar look and feel. They play it safe when it comes to branding – Northside Ventures wanted to break away from the pack, and become Canada's leading generalist pre-seed and seed investment partner, with a focus on B2B SAAS, Consumer, FinTech, Crypto and CleanTech themes. Our job was to create a branded corporate identity that felt trustworthy for our investment partners, but showed founders that we're partners in their businesses too.

"Supporting the best Canadian founders, beginning at the earliest stages."
— Northside Ventures

The Outcome

After developing a core aesthetic to help differentiate Northside Ventures from other venture capital firms, we built pitch decks to help communicate the mission, vision and values to external investors. As of Spring 2022, NSV is actively looking for investment partners to launch with 35M in capital contributions.


Northside Ventures newly developed visual identity was featured on YourDesignJuice's blog for it's monthly inspiration project, dated June 2022.

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