Project Overview
Very few online retailers of vintage instruments capture the classic, 50s and 60s coolness these historical artifacts exude. With Clash Vintage, we created a fictional brand and e-commerce platform that felt resonant of how these instruments make us feel.

We focused on Generation X, and high earning Millennials as our target market. These two groups have the deepest emotional connection because of the musical era they grew up with, and their own guitar heroes. Playing the heart strings of our buyers!

Since these instruments have become cultural icons and “grail-status” guitars, the objective was to position high ticket items in a comfortable, approachable buying profile with a strong digital presence. Most people will never have the opportunity to own a 1954 Telecaster - but Clash Vintage wants you to feel that opportunity is a close reality.

Approach + Design Challenge

Gaining feedback from blogs and YouTube comments from top-rated vintage dealers in the USA, we noticed a resounding disconnect between the guitars they sell and their sales channels. Most felt dated, and sterile for such a cool product. Our challenge was bringing these vintage instruments into the digital age, presented in a manner that felt easy to navigate, while also looking sharp too.

// Concept Design
// Tailor-made Site Development
// Apparel Development Branding
// Identity Systems
Cross-platform Functionality


// Blend vintage product with modern sales process
// Speed up purchase decision by customers

// 360 marketing approach
// Communicate brand values graphically

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