Project Overview
Faulkner operates an archival fashion showroom and strong online presence selling contemporary and vintage designer garments direct-to-consumer. Our objective was to create a 360° consumer experience, extending beyond the digital realm and told the story Faulkner through photography, editorial layout, branding, and packaging.
Through an iterative, collaborative design process, Faulkner’s identity was birthed to mass acceptance from their existing customer base. The newly devised branding and eCommerce channel helped grow new customer acquisition and sell-through on all platforms.

The project expanded to an advisory role, giving commercial insight and objective feedback on the operations and visual styling of Faulkner throughout 2019-2022.

Approach + Design Challenge

We worked closely with the founders, James & Melissa to craft a brand identity that reflected their unique perspective on archival fashion. A high focus was placed on finding the best typographical base to build the identity from, while actively negating legibility constraints between digital and physical products.
Our final identity crafted in 2022 is an homage to Derbyshire, England where James grew up. The custom type-family aptly named “Faulkner” is a mix of classical serifs with modernized stems and spurs.

Solution + Project Takeaways

Since working with Faulkner on identity and branding projects, the store has seen growth across multiple business metrics. Their social presence saw an increase of 2600+ followers, repeat purchases climbing over 36% YTD, and customer retention is at an all-time high.
With @ShopFaulkner, the brand has grown into a staple within Canada’s burgeoning fashion circles after being featured in Grailed's “Dry Clean Only” – showcasing the best archival sellers from around the world.
// Brand Strategy & Architecture
// Positioning

// Marketing Campaigns
// Logo & ID Systems
Brand Style Guides


Instagram growth by +2600
Increased customer loyalty
Repeat purchase increase by 36%
90% customer approval rate

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